General Member Terms and Conditions PT. Coinjoss Data Utama is the terms and conditions regarding the use of products, services, technology provided by PT. Coinjoss Data Utama includes all facilities and service features that govern on the Website, matters regarding the regulation of the registration of individuals and legal entities and other entities that are part of the registration of PT. Coinjoss Data Utama hereinafter referred to as “Member”, which is made on the day and date as stated in the registration section of the account. the unity, inseparable and is the agreement of the parties to this provision.
Furthermore, regarding matters relating to the main activities carried out on the services in this provision concerning the following points :

  1. Whereas PT. Coinjoss Data Utama is a business activity that establishes a marketplace with the activity of trading Digital Asset including crypto currency domain
  2. That Digital Asset is a digital commodity that uses the principle of decentralized technology based on peer-to-peer networks or called the Blockchain Network traded on the Website. Digital assets traded on the Website include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherum and various other digital digital assets.
  3. That members of individuals / legal entities or other entities that register data on information needed by and validated as members who then have an account to be able to enjoy the services provided by
  4. That account is access for members to obtain the necessary information data includes Digital Asset trading activities in the domain
  5. That service is all facilities owned by PT. Coinjoss Data Utama through the domain (E-Wallet, Withdraw, Top-Up, Deposit, Transaction, Voucher, Order Book and other things that are service features for members in given to members who have registered for Digital Asset trading activities.
  6. Whereas the exchange tool and / or payment of Asset Digital Trade is the Republic of Indonesia Currency, namely Rupiah.
  7. That in carrying out activities between member and is subject to KYC (Know Your Customer) principle, which means knows in detail about the member (name, nationality, occupation, address, email, gender, account number, source of funds, and other things deemed necessary) in good faith.
  8. That the member declares and warrants that all data, information and documents given by the member to are truthful, valid, honest, transparent, complete and accurate data, information and documents. Member states that they are willing to be prosecuted in a criminal or civil manner if knows or obtains information from any party that the data, information and documents provided by the member are not correct / not fully true / false. Members are willing to update their data / information (profile update) if at any time requested by and then all documents that have been given become wholly owned by
  9. Whereas in the implementation of the activities, uphold the principle of AML (Anti Money Laundering).
  10. That by becoming a member at, communication can be done in written or oral ways and the use of other media in the context of data validation, verification of account changes, and other communication relations) in order to prevent fraud by any party.
  11. Whereas in the transaction the member is given facilities for convenience in trading Digital Asset, but can stop and / or postpone the transaction if there is a suspicious transaction carried out by the member, it can apply temporarily during the ongoing examination or termination of the transaction due to activity the violation of legal provisions and statutory regulations in Indonesia.
  12. That in the event of a suspicious transaction and / or transaction that exceeds the volume limit of the transaction set by against the member for any reason whatsoever, then reserves the right to suspend crediting at any time to the member account and / or blocking the e-wallet member until the investigation process is completed within the period specified by
  13. Whereas if it is proven that the suspicious transaction is hereby the member authorizes to debit the digital assets in the e-wallet member to compensate for the loss of arising from the transaction, without prejudice to the rights of to make compensation claims loss of all losses incurred as a result of the transaction and the member hereby agrees that is not obliged to make a refund of funds deferred by credit by or blocked funds as referred to in number 2 provisions regarding this suspicious transaction.
  14. That in the case of withdrawal of deposits made by a member, it is carried out based on the prevailing legal and statutory provisions by reporting the flow of financial transactions as well as those ordered by state institutions that have the authority to do so.
  15. That all services are not guaranteed by in its operation in other words does not guarantee the service can be accessed always by members.
  16. That Member declares and guarantees that he/she will use the facility properly and responsibly and not take actions that are contrary to the legal provisions applicable in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
  17. That actions contrary to the legal provisions referred to are Narcotics, materials and / or chemicals for research, money and anything similar to money, including derivatives, goods and / or services that violate Intellectual Property Rights, ammunition, firearms, explosives, sharp weapons in accordance with applicable Legal Provisions, goods and / or services that show personal information from Third Parties that violate applicable law, support for Ponzi schemes and matrix programs, goods and / or services related to lottery purchases, services -away system, services related to banking that are outside the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, credit card payments, credit settlement and / or debt settlement, support for prohibited organizations or prohibited by the government.
  18. That Digital Asset Trading is a high-risk activity. Prices are volatile, where prices can change significantly over time. Due to price fluctuations, asset values can increase or decrease significantly at any time. All digital assets or not, have the potential to experience changes in value drastically or even become meaningless. There is a high risk of loss as a result of buying, selling or trading anything on the market and PT. Coinjoss Data Utama is not responsible for changes in fluctuations of the Digital Asset exchange rate.
  19. Whereas Members are not permitted to take actions that can cause losses to and or that are contrary to these provisions and the provisions of the law and the prevailing laws and regulations. If a member violates one or more of the provisions in this provision, then the member will be fully responsible and hereby agree that for such violations reserves the right to limit the use of the service feature and the member acknowledges and agrees that will not provide compensation and / or provide liability in any form to members or any party for any risks or consequences arising from restrictions on the use of the service. The Member is then obliged to pay compensation to for the amount of the loss that may be experienced by for the violation.
  20. Whereas any information and or data provided by to members and / or data obtained by members by means of being given or delivered verbally, in writing, graphs or submitted through electronic media or other forms of data and / or data during the conversation or during other work is confidential, in the case of a request for an authorized legal institution and in accordance with its jurisdiction, Confidential Information may be disclosed. However, the parties will continue to cover the Confidential Information referred to the public as long as the matter in question does not conflict with the applicable legal provisions and laws.
  21. Whereas in the event of an event of negligence by a member, reserves the right to immediately deactivate the member account at without having to make prior notice to the member, and the member hereby agrees that will not provide compensation and or liability in any form to the member or any party for any claim and or claim and or claim and or request for compensation from any party that may arise in connection with the negligence. In the event of an account termination, the member agrees and declares that he is willing to remain bound by this agreement and terminate the use of the service, giving the right to delete all information and data held by, and declare not responsible answer to member or Third Party for termination of access and deletion of information and data in member accounts.
  22. That the Member declares and approves as the holder of ownership rights over services, software, technology tools and content, sites, and other materials including Intellectual Property Rights related to the facility. All provisions contained in this agreement through the website and / or other letter sheets constitute the intellectual property rights owned by PT. Coinjoss Data Utama not to be printed, download for anyone’s personal needs.
  23. That has implemented security networks and actions as a safety information network against unauthorized access in the use, changes and / or disclosure of accounts, with security standards that are in accordance with the provisions of the prevailing laws and regulations. The entry of the party is responsible for access in the use, changes and / or disclosure of accounts from third parties due to negligence and / or errors of the member resulting in the risk being borne by the member, then will not provide compensation and or liability in any form to the member or party any other for any risks, responsibilities and demands that may arise in connection with the negligence / intentions / mistakes of members in providing information.
  24. That the Member agrees to bear every risk, loss or effect suffered by a member caused by, among others: damage, delay, loss or error in sending orders and communications, electronically caused by a member, account statement or usage notification the facility sent to members is received or read or misused by unauthorized parties on the account.
  25. Where by continuing this provision you are deemed to have READING, RESUME, AND UNDERSTAND the provisions of this provision, then all losses arising thereafter shall not be the responsibility of PT. Coinjoss Data Utama through domain and can not be indemnified by any party without exception. If such loss arises as a result of any action of the member then hereby declare that it will replace all such damages and be willing to be prosecuted in criminal and / or civil manner in accordance with this provision.

Members agree to communicate with in electronic format, and agree that all terms, conditions, agreements, notifications, disclosures or any other forms of communication provided by to members electronically are considered as written, then this provision becomes binding agreement between member and PT. Coinjoss Data Utama since the approval of the services referred to in this provision has been carried out.